Finish Him!

To Solana with our world-class Rank Bot!


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Remember those pulse-pounding, button-smashing battles that had us on the edge? We’re bringing that same adrenaline rush to Solana.

$FATALITY is not just another fleeting meme coin that survives merely for a few hours or days, surfing on nothing but fake and empty hype!

$FATALITY is here to stay, paying tribute to our childhood heroes.

Thanks to our rock-solid community of die-hard fans and innovative utilities like the $FATALITY Rank Bot, which boosts projects into DexScreener’s top 10, $FATALITY is poised to be a strategic player in the Solana arena. 

Get ready to “Finish Him!” in style!


Let’s start with a crash course on ranking systems and why our bot is called Rank Bot instead of Volume Bot.

Ranking algorithms use the following metrics:

  • Number of buys
  • Number of sells
  • Ratio of buys to sells
  • Ratio of buyers to sellers
  • Makers (unique wallets)
  • Liquidity
  • Volume
  • Market Cap
  • Price increase percentages for 5m, 1h, 6h, and 24h

The $FATALITY Rank Bot does not blindly swing volume. Instead, it strategically optimizes all the metrics that can be influenced.

Try Before You Buy
Given the prevalence of scams in the ecosystem, we offer teams the chance to experience our bot before committing. We provide two free test runs daily. If a slot is available, we can run it on your chart. Otherwise, we’ll inform you on which chart the bot will be operating so you can observe live and ask questions to one of our devs during the test runs.

Scalable Pricing for All Budgets
Paid runs start at 3 SOL, potentially boosting your token’s rank by hundreds or even thousands of positions on DexScreener. For 5-7 SOL, the $FATALITY Rank Bot can often secure a spot on the first page of DexScreener rankings, placing your token in the top 100 out of nearly 28,000 projects. For projects aiming for the top 10, the $FATALITY Rank Bot is ready to go beast mode.
Teams can start with a lower budget and top up anytime after witnessing the bot’s magic.

For each run, we burn $FATALITY coins, continuously decreasing the supply and increasing the $FATALITY coin’s value.

We offer white-glove service to understand your goals, consult, and customize settings for your project’s needs.

For more details about the $FATALITY Rank Bot or to book your test run, reach out via



Boost your project's Dex Screener ranking effortlessly with $FATALITY EXPRESS!


1️⃣ Click 'Start' and enter your project's CA.
2️⃣ Deposit funds to the provided wallet.
3️⃣ Enjoy the show!

Deposits should be from a wallet holding at least 5k $FATALITY tokens.

For questions or support, please reach out via


The $FATALITY utilities are exclusive to $FATALITY token holders.

Make the smart move and grab your bag of $FATALITY tokens to join the cabal!

Membership Tiers

We offer four tiers of memberships based on the number of tokens held:

  • Diamond: 250k+ tokens
  • Titanium: 100k+ tokens
  • Gold: 50k+ tokens
  • Silver: 5k+ tokens

Our Commitment to Members

We bestow the same level of TLC on all our members. When resources are available, the service level is the same across all tiers. However, during high-demand periods, requests from Diamond members are processed first, followed by Titanium, Gold, and then Silver.

For more details, reach out via


$FATALITY Is Making Volume Bots Obsolete!

While volume is an important metric in ranking, it's far from the most important one. When the $FATALITY Rank bot helped push Pepe Black to the #1 position on Dex Screener, it did so by boosting all metrics in the most fuel-efficient manner possible. We invite you to look at the volume of Pepe Black at the top and compare it to the competitors it surpassed, all of which had much higher volumes.


Two questions are almost always asked by all the teams:

For how long would the bot operate?

The Dex Screener ranking algorithm simply sums up the numbers for the past 6 hours. It does not matter if they’ve been accumulated in 5 minutes or 5 hours. Therefore, we strive to rank the chart as quickly and as high as possible so it can benefit longer from the higher ranking before the rolling 6-hour reset occurs.

How much would it cost to get my token to rank #x?

The ranking algorithm considers the following metrics:

  • Number of buys
  • Number of sells
  • Ratio of buys to sells
  • Ration of Buyers to sellers
  • Makers (unique wallets that traded the chart)
  • Liquidity
  • Volume
  • Market Cap (MCAP)
  • Price increase percentage for the 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and 24 hours

So depending on the chart we’re working with and its market cap, liquidity, and price increase percentage for the 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and 24 hours, these metrics could either be a handicap, dragging us down and forcing us to burn more fuel to compensate, or they can boost our efforts and help us score high ranks faster and cheaper.

The final rank also depends on the competition. It’s not a static thing; the stats of whom we are running against during the push also affect the final result.

For more details, reach out via

Behind the Moves:


Curious about the secret sauce behind $FATALITY‘s awesomeness, apart from our epic Mortal Kombat moves obsession?

Dive into our AMA session hosted by Mad Apes Gambles! Catch the vibe, see the magic, and discover why it’s time to join the $FATALITY family.



Training Grounds & Building an Epic Community

  • Level Up: We kick off our journey in the training grounds, where we'll launch the $FATALITY coin and establish a solid base of early adopters. Think of it as selecting your fighter and mastering your moves before the big battles ahead.

  • Gather Allies: Community building begins! We're setting up our social channels to rally our fighters. Expect tips, strategies, and maybe a few secret combos from fellow community members.

  • Forge Weapons: During this phase, our world-class devs will be hard at work crafting a set of utility tools that will not only supercharge our community but also redefine what's possible. Get ready from some epic Fatality Moves!


Unleash the Power - $FATALITY Utility Tools Rollout

  • $FATALITY Rank Bot: Supercharge your project's visibility by rocketing into DexScreener’s top 10! This tool isn’t just a game-changer, it’s a rank revolution!

  • $FATALITY Signals: Get the inside track with real-time alerts from the Rank Bot. The $FATALITY Cabal gains an edge with exclusive heads-up on which charts are pumping, ensuring our community always stays a step ahead.

  • $FATALITY 1st Block Sniper: Equip yourself with the ability to snipe at the first block of new token launches. This elite tool allows $FATALITY holders to strike first and "Finish" trades in style!


Tournament of Champions

  • Epic Challenges: Introducing monthly challenges and tournaments within our community. Winners will earn exclusive rewards, $FATALITY coins, bragging rights, and perhaps even a spot in the $FATALITY Meme Coin Hall of Fame.


Legacy of Champions

By now, $FATALITY  isn't just a token or a project; it's a legacy!
We'll commemorate our journey with a special anniversary NFT collection, celebrating the milestones we achieved together and the battles won.

Warrior's Pledge:
Upholding Honor Through Clear Tokenomics

Mint revoked

Mint revoked

0% Tax

0% Tax

Total circulation 100 000 000

Total circulation 100 000 000

Team 10%

Team 10%

Marketing 5%

Marketing 5%

Tournaments Rewards 5%

Tournaments Rewards 5%

$FATALITY is a memecoin that holds no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. All cryptocurrencies are subject to fluctuations creating a possibility for both profit and losses.

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